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CAKE SERVINGS: Cake serving estimations are based on a 1x2x4 cake slices, and are not guaranteed to be cut by venue in exact sizes.  Mademoiselle Vanilla is not responsible for shortages of cakes & sweets due to venue cutting too big of a slice for plating.   

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Mademoiselle Vanilla is by-appointment-only,

our rental kitchen is located in Toronto, Ontario. 

We only accommodate two orders each month,

for that,  we can not guarantee pricing and availability

until the cake contract is signed.. 

Most couples book reservations with us from 6-9 months in advance. 

If you have taken an interest in our work, and meets our $500 minimum custom cake requirement, we would be happy to hear from you!  
Please send us an email to along with the details of your event-

date,  venue, guest count, and inspiration photos of wedding cake.

Let's chat soon!

 xx Donna


Excellence in our work, it's what we do consistently.