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Celebration cake servings are bigger than wedding cake serving guide, as it is usually served on its own, without any dessert accompaniment. 

6" round   ~ 10 servings

8" round   ~ 14 servings

10" round ~ 21 servings

12" round ~ 28 servings

14" round ~ 41 servings

Wedding Cake

Celebration Cake


Our cake servings are composed of three layers of cake and filled with two layers of buttercream in between cake layers. The sprinkles cake on the LEFT is masked with buttercream & covered with fondant. Cakes covered in fondant  tend to be thick and rich. The cake on the RIGHT is half-dressed, bakery-style, & yes by that, we mean naked! 

6" round  ~ 10 servings

8" round  ~ 28 servings

10" round ~ 42 servings

12" round ~ 56 servings

14" round ~ 82 servings


Wedding cake serving is typically smaller than party serving size. Our serving guide is based on 1 x 2 x 4 inch tall. It may sound like small, please note that it's usually served after dinner and most often served with another type of dessert (e.g. fruits, macarons, verrines, etc). 

WARNING: Nut Allergy   |   All of our products may contain, or have come in contact with a variety of nuts, including but not limited to, peanuts, pistachios, pecans, almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, macadamia & cashews.

The bigger, the better.

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